Thursday, April 10, 2008

What To Do With New Media Art? MW2008 - Moderated by Rich Cherry

Frankie Roberto, Science Museum - London

And, what to do when you hav Partial Data and Dodgy Data
... you have to assume that the data is 'Good Enough' > assez bon

Object Data Wiki - science museum in london

1. Getting It = Screen Shape
as we get better and nice semanic html, it becomes easier to extract the

Getting it - FOI request, a Freedom of Information Request
(Frankie asked, and UK museums said go for it and its on your head...)

Mapping the Logic

Museum x >> Museum Y

Presenting Objects Online
tags, descriptions, some other fields to describe what you've got in your collection
but you don't get any sense of the collection, of the warehouse storage works, and groupings of things

British Museum - said no, it would take 3-4 days and 1000 pounds
Museum of London - nothing, no word back
National Gallery - nothing, no word
National Maritime Museum - Yes
National Museums Liverpool - no word
National Portrait - yes, and its already on our website (license to screenscrape)
Natural - they had 70 million specimens, quite a relief that they said no
Royal Armories - Yes
Sir John Soane Museum - Yes, and gave him a word document
Tate Galleries - no word
Wallace Collection - no
V&A - yes, they sent him 2.9 GB XML file on DVD

Data Mapping:
Who collected it? [curator or collector]
What was it that was collected? [mapping procedures of items]
Where [need a nice defined list of countries. he collected 1,496 unique place_made strings, such as "probably Italy or England" isn't so helpful, or "Arabia," need to stick with the ISO Country list]
When was it collected? [1905, or 1935-04 take the first year, but 12/03/96... just take "1996" instead of 1896, ah geez]
How was it collected? [for example, 'donation,' or 'in lieu of taxes']


Pitt Rivers Museum - great stuff for breaking down a collection and defined terms created by My Society - much more accessible website about UK's local MPs... in a way that is interesting and engaging. who they vote how they vote / where they spend...

[could just drop in a collector...]

- All objects are counted equally
- Photographs?
- Add user interactions
- Data from more museums?
- sharing the data. clean data as well as the original source

And an object wiki, creative commons license

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